I am an investor with Spartan Capital, a cryptoasset hedge fund based in Hong Kong. I also host The Blockcrunch Podcast, where I dissect the strategy and technology behind cryptoasset funds and token projects with founders and investors. I co-created a series on blockchain scalability with 500 Startups.


    Previously, I invested in early stage startups as a founding partner at Contrary Capital, a $2.1M venture fund backed by former executives at Tesla, Twitch and MuleSoft. As a former analyst at Deloitte Consulting, I supported the firm's Blockchain Lab and Fintech practices.


    I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on blockchain at conferences in New York and San Francisco, and was previously a contributing writer for tech startups on The Huffington Post and Forbes. I share my thoughts regularly on Twitter and Medium, and have appeared on the 51Pct Crypto Research Podcast, the Asia Tech Podcast and the Paypod Fintech Podcast to speak about crypto.





    Blockchain podcast

    Venture fund for university founders

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    Fluent in Cantonese, English and brushing up on my Mandarin. Available for speaking engagements on blockchain.

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    Jason Choi is an investor at Spartan Capital, a cryptoasset hedge fund that takes multiple positions in various cryptoassets. Jason also personally owns a small amount of cryptoassets and makes an effort to disclose any potential conflict of interest on any public forum, including written blog posts and podcast episodes on The Blockcrunch Podcast. Jason's blog posts and podcast interviews, wherein he is either the host or the interviewee, are intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as any form of financial advice. Jason, Spartan Capital (and its parent company Spartan Group) and The Blockcrunch Podcast are not liable for any decisions third parties choose to make. Both Jason and/or Spartan Capital may have positions in assets discussed on any public forum at any time.